Hawkwell Village

Objections to Hawkwell

There are almost 250 objection to the Hawkwell development on the CDC Planning Portal - and still 8 days to go until the deadline for responses. 

If you need some inspiration and food for thought, take a look at this comprehensive document

Stop Hawkwell Website

Click here to access the Stop Hawkwell website

Next Village Meeting

We’re looking to arrange a follow-up village meeting to prepare for the meeting with the developer. 

To help us secure the best date, please let us know your availability by using this simple google form

Questions for the Developer

Submit any questions you want to ask the Developer

By when:  Monday 21st February 2022

How to do this:  You can email your questions to clerk@bucknell.me.uk or simply submit any questions via the following form https://tinyurl.com/HawkwellQuestions

Extension for the Submission of Comments

After lobbying from Bucknell, CDC have extended the deadline for making comments on the outline planning permission. 

The deadline is now 31 March 2022. Click here to directly access the planning application

Example Planning Comments

There are a great number of reasons why this planning application will be detrimental to the village of Bucknell.  Here are just a few:

  • Traffic, parking, highways;
  • Infrastructure
  • Water and Drainage
  • Air pollution
  • Light pollution
  • Loss of village identity
  • Noise
  • Flooding
  • Safety

It is important that you submit your comments using your own words.  If you would like to get some inspiration from what others have written, on the planning application page, click the tab “Supporting Docs” and scroll down to the heading “Public Comments”.    The submissions from Trigger Cottage (this is a link to the village website where you can see the full objection) are extremely thoroughly argued points and are worth a read. Each household can submit as many objections as they wish.

Planning Application

There are many objections to the Outline Planning Application on the CDC website - and lots posted since the Bucknell Village meeting last week. 

If you haven’t yet made your views known, please do make sure that you do so at the CDC planning portal.

You can go straight to the Hawkwell Village Application on the Cherwell District Council Website using this quick link:  


Click the button “Comment on this Application"

Complete the form and submit your objection and comments

Share the link with anybody you know in Bure Park, Bicester and any of our surrounding villages, who might support the cause and submit an objection.

Facebook Page

There is a Facebook page dedicated to sharing info and gaining support for public comments relating to the Hawkwell ‘Village’ outline planning application. 

If you have a Facebook account, please do share the link with as many interested parties as you can

Facebook page: FightingHawkwell

Developer’s Plan for Hawkwell Village

The developer for Hawkwell ‘Village’ held “public consultations” in 2021 - don’t worry if you missed them, hardly anyone knew …

Their website has had all material from the consultation taken down, so it’s not possible to view anything from them anymore.

We do have a copy of the presentation material that they have used - please click here for the file

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